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SDTM submission
ready package

in 3 weeks with superior quality and at least 25% less cost compared to the industry average

Introducing JetConvert

JetConvert powering Bioforum’s SDTM as a Service

Bioforum’s SDTM experts have developed a next generation SDTM automation platform, JetConvert, that allows us to deliver a SDTM submission-ready package in 3 weeks with superior quality and at least 25% less cost compared to the industry average.

How is that possible?

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Mission Impossible: Ensure all your clinical data end up in SDTM with a full audit trail.
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    Why should you use JetConvert?

    SDTM Submission-Ready Package in record time
    Get a full submission-ready package faster than any
    other solution, along with proven superior quality
    Fast and Frequent Reruns
    Get frequent SDTM reruns, enabling you to easily see the differences between reruns
    Data Review Visualizations
    Review your data with out-of-the box visualizations, on top of your SDTM data, to quickly find data anomalies. See BioGRID for more information.
    Centralized Data Repository
    Store all your raw clinical data in a single easy-to-access central database
    Sharon Russouw
    Senior Director, Biometrics
    Bremer Louw
    VP, Biometrics Operations and BD

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      JetConvert is a purpose-built SDTM conversion software that enables our SDTM experts to produce SDTM submission packages much faster and more cost-effective than industry standards.
      No, it also produces the annotated CRF, Define-XML and cSDRG as required for a SDTM submission package. However, JetConvert is only intended to produce SDTM deliverables, and not ADaM or other analysis outputs.
      Yes, JetConvert has a Computer System Validation (CSV) package documenting the entire system development life cycle. It does comply with the requirements as documented in Part 11 (where relevant). Our team also follows a set of SOPs to describe how JetConvert should be used, and they are trained on the system and all other relevant topics.