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With purpose-built solutions and flexible service offerings, Bioforum brings unparalleled expertise and quality to data capture, statistical analysis and clinical trial reporting. Our Data Masters will help you get the most from your data assets, from study design through to final submission.

Our Top Services

Medical Writing New

Regulatory Documents
Bioforum offers medical writing services including study-specific documents and development program documents.

Medical Communications
Bioforum medical writers provide tailored support for journal article writing and editing, and preparation of presentations and posters.

Complementary Services
Bioforum also supports regulatory document publishing and eCTD services, and QC of regulatory documents.

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Data Management New

Data Management
Bioforum manages all aspects of your clinical data—from study startup to submission.

Electronic Data Capture
Bioforum partners with leading industry technology vendors to meet the professional needs of our clients.

Data Review
Bioforum’s data review strategy ensures the delivery of quality, accurate and scientifically credible data.

Medical Review
Bioforum’s medical advisors provide input to CRF design, data review specification, data cleaning and more.

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Biostatistics & Statistical Programming New

Bioforum’s expert statisticians support study design, randomization and comprehensive data monitoring committee services.

Statistical Programming
Bioforum’s statistical programmers have vast experience ensuring data standards and regulatory requirements for submissions across various therapeutic areas and indications.



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More Services

Functional Service Provider New

An experienced functional service provider (FSP), Bioforum partners with clients—from emerging startups and small biotechs to nonprofits and academic medical centers to mid-size and larger biopharma companies—to help them scale their teams when and as needed, providing customized support for all types of projects and programs, whether small and specific or large and complex.

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Medical Monitoring New

Whether you need a medical consultant in-house, intermittent medical resources, or a range of medical monitoring services, Bioforum Medical Monitors are highly-dedicated team players who provide good and clear communication. Their commitment is your clinical trial and they are ready to provide the highest quality deliverables on time.

Pharmacovigilance New

Bioforum offers pharmacovigilance services required for your clinical trial. Pharmacovigilance—also known as drug safety—describes the collection, analysis, monitoring and prevention of adverse effects in drugs and therapies, and is an essential function within a life sciences company.

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Problem Solving New

One of Bioforum’s most important goals is to ease our client’s burden and support them in areas of need. We offer tailor-made services to solve our client’s pain points and problems, whether big or small. Outsourcing doesn’t always have to be on a big scale and all-inclusive. Bioforum’s experts are happy to support with any task.

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