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PharmaVOICE 100 Celebration: A Conversation with RedHill Biopharma, Alkermes, and PharmaVOICE: “Developing Clinical Trial Outsourcing Strategies that Scale As Biotechs Do”

2020 has proven to be an incredibly pivotal time for the life sciences industry. While COVID-19 has created limitations around patient-doctor interactions and clinical trial operations, it has also demonstrated the opportunity that technology presents—and the power of fully embracing these tools to enable remote interaction and data transformation.

Of course, challenges within the clinical trial space still exist, particularly for small-to-midsize biotech sponsors. Such organizations are dealing with limited headcount and resources and are feeling the pressure of keeping costs down while simultaneously speeding up time-to-market. All of these challenges are compounded by the pandemic as we operate in an increasingly remote and decentralized model, which is why developing clinical trial outsourcing partnerships that are rooted in trust, strategic thinking, and flexibility are so incredibly important.

Bioforum President & Co-Founder Amir Malka joined Guy Goldberg, Chief Business Officer at RedHill Biopharma and Kanchan Relwani, VP and Head of Medical Affairs at Alkermes, to discuss this very topic during September’s PharmaVOICE 100 Celebration.