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COVID-19 Support plan for Emerging Biopharma

COVID19 Support plan for Emerging Biopharma

It’s is important to realise that every trial will (or already has been) impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. Even trials that are already running on a decentralised (or virtual) trial model are having to deal with the implications of missed visits or patients having to deal with COVID19. No one is excluded from this huge interruption. All companies should be asking themselves 2 key questions right now:

  • Do you fully understand what the regulatory agencies have released with regards to managing your trial amidst the pandemic?
  • Have you evaluated your current trial design/s to adapt to the circumstances?

The Bioforum team is fully ready to support you through this process. We can guide you through the data management requirements behind the regulatory guidance and help you re-plan these aspects on your current trials to ensure you are compliant.

Thinking further ahead, we understand that having to re-think data strategy (and data collection strategy) can be quite overwhelming. There are budget constraints, and of course the pressure of making sure that you understand the options of technology (eSource/eCOA/FHIR/etc.) to make sure you are making the correct decision. There is a maze of opportunities available, and you will need a solid partner to help guide you through paths leading you to the solution that suites your company best.

Bioforum is pleased to share with our customers a COVID19 support plan and guidance that addresses these challenges. If you are not a current customer but would like a consult with us, please reach out to

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