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Bioforum Signs Exclusive Deal to Acquire Assets from Abond CRO Inc., Expanding Reach of Global Biometric Services


Abond Selects Bioforum to Deliver Continuity of Statistical Analysis and Data Management Support Services to Clinical Trial Sponsor Clients Worldwide 

 US-Based Biotechs Transition from Abond to Bioforum to Drive Clinical Trial Efficiency and Optimization   


 Bioforum, the Data Masters, a leading contract research organization (CRO) focused on the delivery of biometric services and solutions to clinical trial sponsors worldwide, today announced that it has been exclusively selected by Abond CRO Inc., a full-service CRO that ceased operations in December 2023, to provide business continuity services to its biopharmaceutical and medical device customers around the globe. Under the terms of the agreement, Abond customers will have the opportunity to seamlessly transition to Bioforum and receive best-in-class data management and statistical analysis services to drive clinical trial efficiency.   


Several US-based biotechs and long-term Abond clients recently signed agreements with Bioforum. These biotechs and other former Abond customers who transition to Bioforum will also have access to a range of industry-leading, technology-enabled solutions the Company has developed to address critical gaps in data management and drive automation of key study processes, such as tools for visual analytics (BioGrid), SDTM conversation (JetConvert), and risk analysis and validation (Validify). Additionally, several former Abond executives have joined Bioforum, including subject-matter experts in statistical consulting and adaptive clinical trial design. 


“Like Abond, Bioforum is passionate about accelerating clinical trials and providing a better experience for research stakeholders by optimizing critical processes and eliminating pain points that create burdensome inefficiencies,” said Amir Malka, Bioforum’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We’re honored to have been selected by Abond and their clients to support clinical trial operations for vital research programs and look forward to helping to drive the development of innovative new therapies for patients around the world.” 


Phil Doren, PhD, CEO and Vice President, Abond CRO Inc, added: “When we decided it was time for Abond to close its doors, after 50 years of serving the life sciences industry and working hand in hand with research sponsors worldwide, we carefully looked for the right CRO to carry the torch and continue driving value for our clients. We’re delighted that the talented team at Bioforum is in place to ensure business continuity and provide our clients with professional expertise and purpose-built solutions known for bringing unparalleled efficiency and agility to clinical programs.”

From established life sciences organizations to emerging biotechs to medical device startups, Bioforum’s “data masters” help clients worldwide improve and innovate data processes to optimize clinical trials and, ultimately, accelerate the delivery of new medical treatments to patients. The Company’s highly skilled team supports study sponsors throughout the clinical trial process, including FDA submissions, and partners closely with clients, offering support in the areas of clinical data management, biostatistics and statistical programming, and medical writing.  



About Abond CRO Inc. 

Our journey began with a vision to make a positive impact on healthcare and the lives of countless individuals.  Abond’s achievements are the result of the unwavering dedication, relentless innovation, and the tireless efforts of our remarkable team, who contributed to 97 FDA approvals over 50 years with a commitment to advancing medical science, improving patient outcomes, and driving innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Each approval signifies a step forward in fulfilling our mission to provide life-changing therapies to those in need. Reflecting on the past five decades, Abond is truly humbled by the trust and support of our valued partners, collaborators, and clients, who have been instrumental in our success, and deeply appreciative of our talented employees, who have worked tirelessly over the years to turn our vison into reality.  Thank you all for being a part of our journey. 



About Bioforum the Data Masters 

Bioforum is a leading biometrics contract research organization (CRO), supporting clients worldwide in optimizing the collection, standardization, and reporting of clinical research data. We strive to consistently improve and innovate data processes, enabling the most efficient data submissions for our clients across the life sciences industry. From our offices in Israel, the U.S., Australia, and South Africa, our multidisciplinary team provides in-depth expertise and delivers high-quality solutions, including medical writing, data management, clinical programming, biostatistics, and pharmacovigilance. To learn more about us and our services, visit or find us on LinkedIn at 


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