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Bioforum and Clinical Studies in Australia

In October 2017 Bioforum has officially set up its office in Melbourne headed by Nadia Nahmany, VP of Australian Operations. Australia is rapidly evolving into one of the most desirable locations for clinical studies of all product development phases. It offers many benefits to sponsors who hold their development activities there, due to concentrated efforts made by both governmental and commercial entities to address the needs of the pharma and biotech industries in the realms of clinical research.

Australia is home to high-quality research-oriented medical facilities staffed by well-trained personnel, within a healthcare system that bears many similarities to the systems in the United States, United Kingdom and most of Europe. This makes data gathered in clinical studies conducted within these centers reliable and allows for extrapolation of study results and conclusions to global markets.

Importantly, approval of a clinical trial is dependent upon the approval of Australian human research ethics committees (HRECs), with submitted materials limited (in most cases) to the study protocol and latest Investigator’s Brochure. This makes study approval simple, efficient and fast and shortens timelines from protocol finalization to study initiation considerably.

In terms of potential participants, Australia is home to a diverse population and the Australian government makes concerted efforts to increase awareness and promote participation in clinical research, supporting high rates of clinical study recruitment.

With offices in Israel, Australia, South Africa and the office opening soon in the United States, Bioforum is ideally positioned to serve as a channel between Australian and global stakeholders in the biotech space, advancing clinical trials.

The Ausbiotech is a national Australian conference held annually for almost 30 years.

In October 2018 we will be participating in the annual AusBiotech conference for the second year, featuring our Data Focused CRO, offering end-to-end clinical data services for Sponsors, CROs, medical centers and academic institutions. Attendees of AusBiotech are welcome to visit us at Booth #56, and we are available to meet through the AusParternig system or at Nadia’s email

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