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Medical Writers – Who We Are and What We Do

Clinical research, like any scientific research, entails many components and demands a plethora of skills. A clinical Investigator should be a master of knowledge in the specific field(s), constantly keeping up with the relevant developments and innovations. For the proposed drug, device or procedure, the Investigator should be able to develop an efficient and detailed study protocol with the most appropriate experimental setting, potentially promising with respect to the results. The Investigator should target the most appropriate population and design careful data collection and analysis, in compliance with strict regulatory rules. All of this takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources. Every step is important because every step contributes to the validity and quality of the results. Every step is critically evaluated.

Following study completion, it is essential to communicate the results to the public and key stakeholders, including scientific and regulatory authorities. The results must be presented in a scientifically correct, coherent, and fluent way, taking into account the specificities of the publishing arenas, telling a holistic, complete, and clear story.

Transforming a concise experimental idea into a study protocol is not easy. Presenting scientific data in a complete and coherent way is at least as challenging if not more so. Formulating any kind of information integrally, coherently, fluently, and clearly requires a set of unique skills.

In meeting all these challenges, a professional Medical Writer can play a critical role.

A Medical Writer quickly acquires the necessary understanding of the field of research, the experimental design, the parameters that are measured, the methods to measure them and the tools used for data analysis. Above all, a Medical Writer has a way with formulating thoughts, ideas, and data into coherent, clear, and fluent wording, keeping in mind the global picture, but also paying attention to details.

These skills are formed through scientific education and practice as Medical Writers are typically experienced in multidisciplinary research and hold a graduate degree in a scientific field or other equivalent qualification, with a publishing record.

In addition to our experience and expertise, we, the team of Bioforum Medical Writers, enjoy writing very much. We are scrupulous and detail-oriented with respect to text and data but are also able to keep in mind the global picture. We are sensitive to incongruences, non-fluent narratives, and poor formulations, and we are skilled in structural and clear thinking and wording. That is who we are.