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Validify Launches Risk and Validation Management (RVM) Platform for Regulated Industries 

RVM Platform Proactively Supports Any Computerized System and Offers Connectors to Other Platforms  

In a world where pioneering new innovation is no longer a luxury but a prerequisite for success, Validify is leading the way in a transformative shift from reactive to proactive validation methodologies for regulated industries with the launch of its risk and validation management platform (RVM).  

Pioneering a new era in risk and compliance management, RVM is a cloud-based platform that manages validation for a variety of software-based applications used within regulated industries. It simplifies the validation process by using a guidance-driven approach and template-based automation. The new platform simplifies risk assessment, creates documents, and ensures compliance.  

 “By creating this highly flexible solution, we are maturing and innovating our product offering to empower customers to use the benefits of Validify with any system or any SaaS platform used today,” said Ido Raz, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Validify. 

RVM minimizes the reliance on human involvement in the risk analysis and validation process, freeing the taskforce to concentrate on other commitments, while secure in the knowledge that robust automation and streamlined processes enhance accuracy and mitigate the risk of errors associated with manual interventions. 

Automating the process of risk and validation management significantly shortens cycle times, which heightens productivity, accelerates operations, and saves cost. Through resource optimization, expense reduction, and by offering cost-efficient solutions, Validify guarantees that yearly expenses are lower than the cost of a single validation run, resulting in significant savings. 

RVM helps organizations to have full control over their systems such as Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Document Management Systems (DMS) among other systems by fostering improved data integrity and instilling confidence in validation outcomes.  

The RVM platform adds to Validify’s existing product Automatic Salesforce Validation (ASV), which stands as a tried-and-tested solution meticulously crafted for the Salesforce ecosystem. It allows life sciences companies to digitize their validation process, implement a risk-based computer software assurance (CSA) approach, and eliminate the burdens of the traditional CSV process with a comprehensive automation solution. 


About Validify 

Validify – a Bioforum Company – is a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in risk and compliance management, dedicated to empowering life science companies worldwide. With a commitment to innovation, Validify is reshaping the landscape of validation practices, enabling organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. Visit www. for more information.  


Ido Raz, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Validify 


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