Who we are

Who we are

With clinical data management and biostatistics at our core, Bioforum offers life science organizations seamless services to help accelerate the clinical development process.

We help clients comprehend the value of their clinical data simply by making it readily available for monitoring, analysis and ready for submission.

Our customized clinical data management services, including EDC, Clinical Data Review, Coding, CDISC Conversation & Data Standardization enables complete utilization of the collected clinical data.

The complementary biostatistical services, including SAP Development, SAS Clinical Programming, Analysis, Submission-Ready Services and Statistical Reports are customized and designed specifically to meet the project requirements.

Bioforum’s expertise and engaging and transparent approach enables clients to meet timelines with high-quality results and make more informed decisions regarding their trials.


Data Focused CRO

We provide unique and high-quality solutions for efficient collection, standardization and reporting of clinical research data. Our professional teams enable clients to manage and analyze their clinical data through integrated visualization and analytical capabilities. We partner with our customers to maximize and optimize the use of their clinical data and ensure its integrity and accuracy.

We are experienced and valuable data partners supporting small startups or large organizations.


Adhering To the Highest Quality

We simply don’t compromise on quality. Through our quality management system we ensure both processes and deliverables meet the industry standards and customer requirements. We implement high-quality practices in any project and task we perform and seek for continuous improvement.



We believe that standardization of data, processes and technology will empower life science organizations by allowing them to better utilize their collected clinical data thus getting their breakthrough therapies to patients faster.

We believe in supporting these organizations with core values of:

  • Engagement
  • Commitment
  • Creativeness
  • Excellence